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Monday, 20 December 2010 22:21

Vermont Sports Screen ShotIf ever there were a reason to grin about winter, it’s seeing someone ski by wearing one of Corinne Prevot’s Skida hats. Bright bubbles, fantastasmic flowers, popsicle swirls, and sparkling explosions of color, her hats and neckwarmers can be seen on snowy ski trails all over the world and at elite ski events such as the U.S. Senior Cross-Country Ski National Championships, the Nordic World Cup circuit, and the Alpine Europa Cup tour. From the elite athlete, who must wear team-issue clothing, to the fans of winter, who want to step outside of the catalogue image, a distinctive Skida hat is a way for each person to express his or her spirit and personality.

With her years of experience on both trail and slope, Corinne knew what skiers wanted. She grew up alpine skiing and racing with her family at little Ski Roundtop, near York, PA, where they live. Her father, Roger, was an alpine racer at Burke Mountain Academy and then Williams College. Her mother, Margie, skied cross-country at St. Lawrence University. But with three kids, it was easier to keep track of them on a small alpine mountain, so Corinne and her brothers spent weekends on the slopes and winter vacations at Burke Mountain. Corinne started at Burke Mountain Academy when she was in 8th grade, and graduated in 2009. She now skis for the Middlebury College Nordic ski team.
The idea for the first Skida hat came during a fall Nordic ski training camp in West Yellowstone, MT. “I had found some fun hats in a ski shop,” Corinne says. “They were cool and colorful, but were too big for my little head. I imagined all the stylish possibilities if I had my own collection. Who doesn’t coordinate their outfits when exercising?”

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